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We have created a program that is a research-based supplemental curriculum with explicit, multi-sensory instruction.  It is designed to teach multiple strategies allowing students to verbalize their thoughts.  The built-in progress monitoring for both teacher and students allows for data driven instruction and assessment.

It is a timely and direct answer to today's need for a Tier 2 intervention that is designed to supplement the core curriculum for students in need of additional support for grades 1 to 5. This series can also work in a Tier 3 setting with modifications.

This program also works for parents looking to provide additional support to their children.

We are committed to helping you meet the needs of your students and to provide materials that improve instruction and build student understanding.

Dan Sinclair’s Webinar Presentation for CEC (Council for Exceptional Children) – March 8th, 2017

Dan Sinclair, teacher on the Teach 4 Mastery videos, did a webinar for the Council for Exceptional Children on Multi-sensory Math Methodologies.

If you would like a webinar for your group please contact us!

“(Teach 4 Mastery’s)… content knowledge, innovative approaches, and conceptual understandings of critical issues in teaching mathematics are based on experiential knowledge and a tireless commitment to attaining established goals.” Dr. Mary Little – Professor and Coordinator of Graduate Programs at the College of Education, University of Central Florida.

Our Goal

Our goal is to change the way people look at math! To see math in a way that creates understanding and builds concepts sequentially and systematically, with proven tools that are not only multi-purpose, they transcend grade levels providing years of use with the same student.

Our Curriculum

Perceptions Green - 1st to 3rd Grade Standards Intensive Intervention with lesson-by-lesson videos

Perceptions Blue - Intensive Intervention on Multiplication, Division, and Fractions with lesson-by-lesson videos

Research Basis and Case Study


One of the most requested things we hear from teachers is they wish they had some type of Flash Card that worked with the manipulatives!

Well, we heard you!  Announcing the arrival of our downloadable Flash Card Series!

Numerals and Shapes Recognition Cards and Game

Telling Time Cards & Game

Place Value Cards & Game

Fraction Recognition Cards & Game

Our Tools

MasterPieces - Base-Ten Blocks on Steroids!

MasterFractions - Teach All Aspects of Fractions!

Lesson-by-Lesson Explicit Video Instruction

Master e-Tools - Virtual Manipulatives

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