Changing The Way You Perceive Math!

Looking for research-based supplemental curriculum with explicit, multi-sensory instruction designed to teach multiple strategies allowing students to verbalize their thoughts with built-in progress monitoring for both teacher AND student?

Well, you have come to the right place! Welcome to Teach 4 Mastery!

Our Goal

Our goal is to change the way people look at math! To see math in a way that creates understanding and builds concepts sequentially and systematically, with proven tools that are not only multi-purpose, they transcend grade levels providing years of use with the same student.

Our Curriculum

Perceptions Green - 1st to 3rd Grade Standards Intensive Intervention with lesson-by-lesson videos

Perceptions Blue - Intensive Intervention on Multiplication, Division, and Fractions with lesson-by-lesson videos

Our Tools

MasterPieces - Base-Ten Blocks on Steroids!

MasterFractions - Teach All Aspects of Fractions!

Lesson-by-Lesson Explicit Video Instruction

Master e-Tools - Virtual Manipulatives

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