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Why do we need to learn math?

Mathematics (specifically arithmetic) is possibly the most important form of communication that you will ever learn. Math is a language all by itself.   It has a syntax (way in which information must be ordered), specific abstract symbols that have defined meanings, and when used appropriately it can communicate complex ideas and information. Math helps us […]

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Too Much Tech?

Can students have too much tech in the classroom? I certainly think so. The need for teachers is even more evident when students are given electronic devices. Students, like many adults, would rather use the tech for games or other entertainment purposes than the true purpose it was given, to learn. A recent research study […]

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What is Mastery?

When we consider the word Mastery it has an elusive quality.  At what point has someone mastered something?  What are the qualifications or criteria for such a title? In mathematics the area of mastery could be broken down into several subsets that are all important to overall mastery. They may occur at different times during […]

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What is the Study of Math?

Have you ever pondered that question? Think about it… what is Math? Is it formulas, rules, algorithms, computations, concepts, memorization, numbers…? Recently I decided to so some digging and learn what it is that we do when we are studying math. Here is what I have learned. Math is the study of: 1. Numbers – […]

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