Instructional Style

Lesson Steps:

Step 1: Both Teacher and Student Watch Lesson Video 

The Lesson Videos are designed to be watched by BOTH the teacher and student.  We recommend that the teacher watch them before watching with the student.  The videos contain the lesson instruction and are designed to provide a launching platform for teachers to develop differentiated instructional approaches for students.

Step 2: Explicitly Instruct Students Using Manipulatives:  Construct, Express, & Apply

See Methodology

Step 3:  Student Demonstrates Mastery - Teaching Back to You

See What is Mastery?

Step 4: Student Proceeds to Workbook Pages for Practice

The Student Workbook is designed for REVIEW, PRACTICE, and APPLICATION.  The workbook is not designed to teach the students.  That is the job of a teacher.  We encourage teachers to take problems right out of the workbook to use during the explicit instruction time with the students.  There are more pages per lesson that you might need.  Use the problems in the workbook as you see fit.  Not all pages have to be completed.  If mastery is achieved, move to new material.



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