Perceptions (GREEN BOOK) – Intensive Math Intervention

Print Perceptions GREEN: Changing the Way You Look at Math  Perceptions-Green is a 16-week Intensive Math Intervention focused on the operations of Addition & Subtraction Facts with Regrouping, Multiplication & Division facts and Beginning Fractions. Lesson-by-lesson video instruction combined with the MasterPieces are designed to provide a launching platform for instructors to develop differentiated instructional approaches for students. Using the Construct, Express, & Apply methodology, students and instructors learn how to construct and express concepts and operations, and then apply reasoning into real world scenarios creating a powerful learning environment.

START HERE - Perceptions-Green Placement Test

This test will determine if the student already has the pre-requisite skills to do Perceptions Blue. Students should score higher than 80% and demonstrate proficiency on the problems to start the program.


Perceptions Green

Instruction Manual
with Access to Online Videos - $35

Student Workbook - $30

MasterPieces (1 per 2 stds) - $70

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