Perceptions Green

Perceptions-Green is focused on the operations of Addition & Subtraction Facts with Regrouping, Multiplication & Division facts and Beginning Fractions.

In an RTI/MTSS setting it is a 16-week Intensive Math Intervention at Tier-2 or a supplemental instructional curriculum at Tier-3.


Lesson-by-lesson video instruction combined with the MasterPieces are designed to provide a launching platform for instructors to develop differentiated instructional approaches for students. 

Common Core and State Standards Correlations  Research Basis GREEN Scope & Sequence

Perceptions Green is designed to cover the standards for 1st to 3rd grade, plus additional higher standards.  We have the complete listing broken down by Common Core and Non-Common Core states.

---> START HERE - Perceptions-Green Placement Test

This test will determine if the student already has the pre-requisite skills to do Perceptions Green. Students should score higher than 80% and demonstrate proficiency on the problems to start the program.

How to Use Perceptions Green

The Perceptions materials are uniquely designed and are ideal for 1-on-1 or  small group settings. 


Using the Construct, Express, & Apply methodology: 

Students and instructors learn how to construct and express concepts and operations, and then apply reasoning into real world scenarios creating a powerful learning environment.